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2019-04-30 09:28

Abortion Pros and Cons

Abortion has always been a topical issue, which has already caused numerous debates. Obviously, this problem remains controversial because it has both positive and negative sides that are similarly important. All opinions regarding abortion are divided into two groups – for and against. In fact, main arguments of both sides have strong bases and should be taken into account. The primary argument of opinions against abortion is the fact that a fetus is determined to be a human being from the moment of impregnation and abortion itself is equal to killing a live person. On the other hand, people who support abortion highlight that a fetus becomes a human being only after birth, and while it stays inside woman’s body she is responsible for making decisions regarding her own body. Thus, to evaluate all positive and negative sides of abortion and consider its possible consequences in mental, physical, and social aspects, this issue should be analyzed more thoroughly.

Arguments against Abortion

Every person’s life is sacred and cannot be taken away by any other human being. Therefore, nobody has a moral, and in many countries, legal right to decide if an adult, a child, or a fetus should live or should die. In general, the majority of arguments against abortion are based on religion. In such cases, religious people stress that only God defines the life of every individual before and after birth including such things as whether a person should stay alone or have a big family, have good health or suffer from serious diseases, die old or at the young age, etc. Hence, an individual who decides to have or to perform an abortion considers himself or herself a God, which is a serious sin. Religions are based more on emotions than on logic, and therefore, this opinion should not be considered as a determining factor in making a decision.

All opinions against abortion implement the idea of murdering human beings; however, not all people who define abortion as a murder are religious. Some individuals point out that unborn babies must be treated the same way as human beings from the moment of conception. Moreover, unborn babies must also have the same rights as individuals who are physically (for example, a coma patient) or mentally (for example, a person with autism) capable of making decisions. Such individuals must have a trustee, who could legally make decisions on their behalf, without doing any harm to their client. This opinion is quite reasonable, however, no one can say if the unborn baby wants to be born (basing on the concept that the vast majority of people does not want to die) and have a complete stranger as a defender.

Medical aspect of the abortion issue must also be taken into account. Every abortion even on the early stages of pregnancy is a serious and risky medical procedure. Women, especially those of a young age, can become infertile, or gain a disposition to miscarriages. Besides, a doctor who performs an abortion may do it incorrectly and make the woman permanently disabled, or even cause her death. The aforementioned arguments are reasonable; however, they cannot be the primary ones against abortion because pregnancy also implies serious threats for health such as toxicosis, extrauterine gestation, bleedings, severe allergy, etc.

In addition to physical disadvantages abortion is a cause of psychological damages, which may lead to mental disorders. Indeed, pregnancy and its termination in a short period cause hormonal imbalance in woman’s body which affects her mental condition, and can occur in a hidden or open form. Moreover, usually abortion is a result of negative background (financial, social, etc.), which causes negative thoughts, and instead of improving the situation the termination of pregnancy can worsen it. Negative consequences in the emotional state of a woman can appear immediately after the abortion or a few years later and may transform into personality disorders, schizophrenia, chronic depression, etc. On the other hand, every situation should be considered individually, and there are no guarantees that a woman who decides to give birth to an unwanted baby will not get even more serious problems with her mental health which may result in killing an already born baby.

In many cases, abortion involves women who are underage and do not have a full control over their own emotions and actions. Usually, such decisions are made under pressure of negative emotions such as fear, unpreparedness, etc., and when such young women get older, they show signs of regret for what have been done. This opinion is fair, but on the other hand, people do not know what life of a woman who chose not to do the abortion would be like. Thus, having an abortion can be one of the best choices in a life scenario.

People who are highly concerned about human rights and discrimination issue highlight that pregnancy termination of a fetus diagnosed with abnormalities, which will turn into physical disability, is a serious violation. Every person has a moral and legal right to live a full life, however, it is highly doubtful that any sane person would choose to be born with serious abnormalities and suffer from it for the entire life. In addition, since the very beginning of the evolution process, physically or mentally weak representatives of species did not live long which made it possible to reasonably eliminate improper genetic material. Therefore, giving birth to a child diagnosed with a serious illness is a violation of nature’s rules.

One or the most interesting reasons against abortion is the idea that it reduces chances for infertile couples to adopt a baby. This argument is rather weak because no woman is obligated to suffer from unwanted pregnancy that may negatively affect her professional or personal life simply to make a stranger happier. Also, there is still a significant amount of adoptable babies in countries where women either cannot afford abortion or it is illegal.

Therefore, considering all arguments against abortions, it can be said that they all are based on religion, morality, and health care. Even though the majority of arguments have a clear and strong point, it do not cover all aspects of this problem.

Arguments supporting Abortion

People who support pregnancy termination have a wider range of reasonable arguments as opposed to those who are against abortion. In fact, arguments that highlight positive sides of abortion also cover ethical and health care perspectives, but they also include economic, social, financial, criminal, and even environmental aspects.

Even though abortion is considered to be a severe violation of fetuses rights (when defining fetus as a full-fledged human being) the prohibition of abortion violates constitutional rights of a woman because, in this case, she is not allowed to make decisions regarding her own body. Besides, since every female who got pregnant is one of the sides responsible for the happening, she must also be identically authorized in termination of fetus’s existence until it is inside of her body.

Unwanted pregnancies always happen as a result of a mistake that usually changes the entire life for the bad. Every decision for having an abortion should be supported by the legislative system. The legislative side of this problem is highly important because it influences medical, financial, and economic aspects. Illegal status of abortion forces women to refer to unprofessional doctors, which increases the possibility of getting a serious injury or an infection that leads to permanent disability or even death of a female. Because of the illegal status of abortion, doctors do not pay taxes for such medical procedures; therefore, the economy of a country loses a certain amount of income.

Besides, doctors who perform such illegal procedures try to hide the fact and in cases of serious or vital injuries it is very difficult to prove the doctor guilty. Therefore, legal abortion assures that women get professional help that excludes the possibility of getting injured during a pregnancy termination. Moreover, this medical procedure will be mentioned in a medical record, which can help in diagnosing a serious disease in the future, and the government will get more taxes that can be spent on researches, medical programs, etc.

Technological progress influenced medical procedures and equipment. Such a serious procedure as abortion was very dangerous few decades ago. In fact, in many cases pregnancy termination is less risky than giving birth , and if performed professionally it does not increase the infertility rate. Many types of birth control methods can be used to prevent pregnancy, for example, pills, diaphragms, etc.

To get contraceptives, women usually must obtain an official prescription from a doctor. Unfortunately, not all women can afford a visit to a good doctor who would pick the best individual birth control method or a contraceptive . In fact, it is one of the main reasons why abortions are more frequent with young women and those who have low financial income.

One of the most important aspects in the problem of abortion is the fact that women can get pregnant as a result of a sexual assault. People who are against abortion think that even in such cases a fetus cannot be killed, however, a woman can face serious negative consequences. A child who was conceived in a sexual assault will never live in a happy family with both biological parents, which is a considerable social disadvantage that also affects both a child and a mother. In addition, such a child will be a daily reminder of mental and physical violation, and will cause a constant depression, which may not be fully cured. In some cases a woman may have a psychological breakdown and commit suicide or she might kill a born human being, which is definitely a crime .

In the vast majority of cases, a mother and a child have an invisible connection to each other even after birth and even though a mother may hide her actual emotions her child will consciously or unconsciously feel the mother’s attitude and mood. Thus, an unwanted child may feel the lack of love and care from his or her biological parent. Such negative mother-child relations also influence a child’s mental condition dramatically, and a child may also gain various personality disorders, problems with anger management, and even become a criminal.

Another important side of abortion is giving birth to a child with a diagnosed serious mental or physical disorder. A handicapped individual requires bigger expenses from the family as well as from the government, for example, on social programs, access ramps, and other vital issues that will make lives of disabled people easier. Parents of a child with innate disablement will feel constant depression and the sense of guilt because they will blame themselves (for genetic heredity or a lifestyle, for example, smoking or consuming alcohol). Even though the life of a child was spared, and people with disablement can live lives nearly identical to those of healthy people, both parents and a child will suffer at least partially.

An alternative to abortion that does not imply living with an unwanted child or raising him or her is giving birth and leaving the baby in the orphanage or a foster home. In this case, a fetus is not mortified but will be forced to live in the orphanage and may never be adopted. Moreover, realizing the fact that biological parents rejected the possibility of living together will bring a significant psychological damage to every abandoned child. Hence, it is highly unethical to make a child suffer psychologically from the moment of birth, especially taking into account that the child is not guilty in any aspect .

Since unwanted babies of women or couples who have financial problems and could not afford abortion are raised in poverty, they tend to commit a crime. The combination of financial problems and the lack of attention and love from a mother increases the child’s chances of being involved into all types of crime, especially murders, thefts, violent behavior, etc. Therefore, abortion helps to reduce the crime rate by not creating new offenders.

In addition to aforementioned arguments, it can be highlighted that pregnancy termination helps to prevent overpopulation . Along with the improvement of living conditions, the human population started to increase in number. Overpopulation negatively affects both humans and their environments. The main consequences for the nature are pollution, species extinction, fossil minerals and other nature resources depletion, etc. At the same time, people will suffer from unemployment, poverty that will result in starvation or malnutrition as well as other problems including deficiency of medical treatment and education. Besides, abortion among people with congenital defects will help preserve the general genome of humanity .


Taking into account all mentioned above, it should be said that abortion will always be one of the most controversial and disputable issues because people who support abortion look at it from absolutely different perspective than people who are against it. Even though abortion is considered an unethical and immoral action towards a fetus, its prohibition is equally unethical because women cannot make decisions regarding their own bodies.

Therefore, an abortion always implies a negative aspect whether it was performed or not. All arguments regarding pregnancy termination are based on various sides of humans’ lives. However, arguments against abortion mostly touch medical and ethical sides while arguments supporting abortion also cover such fields as legislative, financial, economic, environmental in addition to ethical and medical.

In terms of considering the issue, it became obvious that positive sides of abortion predominates negative ones and have more pragmatic principles. Moreover, a negative side of pregnancy termination is mainly supported by emotions while a positive side of abortion is a lot more logically based. In fact, arguments in favor of abortion show better and deeper understanding of the entire problem and consider it from various perspectives.

Such arguments as reducing crime rate having moral and constitutional rights of making choices regarding the own body, prevention of psychological problems and being born with serious defects are more logical and reasonable than the argument that only God can decide who must live or die. Every child must come to this world healthy and wanted at least by the mother because it is more natural than to give birth to a handicapped baby and leave it shortly after.

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