How to Set up a Brighthouse Network Router

2019-01-19 07:10

How to Set up a Brighthouse Network Router

Brighthouse Networks, prior to its purchase by Charter Communications was an American telecom company. It offers digital television, high-speed internet, home security and automation, and voice service. It also offers network routers to its customers. The router connects network-enabled devices such as computers and gaming consoles to the internet so that they can be used simultaneously. If you need more information about  BrightHouse Router customer Support  Number . You will be assisted by a technical supervisor to get all your queries and questions answered.

But sometimes customers have difficulty setting up and help them set up. It is not that difficult to set up routers. So if you are looking for it, then it's a good idea for you.

The basic steps needed to set up your Brighthouse router are:

Step 1:  Shut down all your network computers and unplug your Brighthouse modem.

Step 2:  On the back of the Brighthouse modem, plug an Ethernet cable. And connect the other end of the internet port to your router.

Step 3:  Plug an Ethernet cable to the network.

Step 4:  Restart all devices.

Step 5:  Click start. Go to 'programs' and open your internet browser. Enter the router's address to access the router.

Step 6:  Enter the default username and password. Follow the instructions on the screen to configure your router for use with Brighthouse connection.

If you have had your brighthouse router right now. But it can also be  contacted by Brighthouse Router Technical Support Number .

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