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How to Face the Difficulties of Learning German Language

Nowadays German is also becoming a popular language as that of French, Spanish or Italian You might wonder that there are around 240 million speakers of German all across the globe. It is the language for most of the Eastern European countries and the majority of migrants from different countries. German is also the most favored language in business as its country of origin is among the most industrialized countries in the world. Beyond all these a lot of students still, find it difficult to speak German. Surprisingly, native speakers will agree. Learn the German language in easy and simple way with the best German language Institute in Jaipur Below are the main reasons for such.


  • Ø Multiple noun construction - unlike English where a cat means cat, or flat means flat, the German language is not about the noun itself. Its nouns may vary if it's masculine, feminine, or neuter. It takes a while before students feel pleasant with the der, or die, or das which denotes the gender of the noun.


  • Ø Word Order - The word order does not simply follow a subject-verb order. The German language totally depends on the tense of the sentence. There are many compound rules to deal with so you have to be aware to avoid sounding ridiculous.


  • Ø Use your First Language as Tool - Take note of the correspondence of your native language to the German language. If you are an English speaker, you will notice that German has arrived from Latin and Greek origins. For example, das Haus is a house in English. Garden in German is der Garten. Remembering similar words will program your brain to recall and store them with ease.


  • Ø Fight Language Interference - As much as you want to relate English to German, most of the time you got to think German if you want to speak German. It will be ineffective if you will think English and translate it into German. Be careful when you do this since the German word bald means soon in English.


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